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for the trick or treaters. we'll take another look at the weekend. >> stop being defensive. i was about to say pretty in pink. >> you said it now. >> let's head out to the roads. we had problems earlier today. fortunately, it was looking better last time we talked to danella. >> how is it now? >> better. a accident is clear. travel lanes are open. disable still blocking just the left lane as you travel southbound columbia pike. stick to the right to get by the car. back to you both. >> thank you. >>> we have more on the breaking news out of germantown. a 15-year-old is dead after being struck by a car walking to school. it happened about 7:00. let's talk to pat collins on the scene. pat? >> i'm here with the mother of the victim. the mother is gwendolyn ward. she was struck and killed by a car walking to school. what can you tell me about what happened? >> not really sure what happened. when i was at work, my son called me and said my daughter was in an accident. the police came and got them. when i got there, they said she was hit by a car crossing the street on the way to school. when i got
by the suspect. one fired in self-defense. police chief kathy lanier hugged one of her officers on the scene. investigators pick up a hoels ere and place t in the trunk of an unmarked call. it was a close call responding to a 911 dispatch. a d.c. police officer became the victim when he was attacked by a man with a knife. >> officers received the call about 6:45 for domestic assault. when they arrived on the scene and approaching the house, apparently the suspect came up from behind the officers and attacked. one of the officers has several stab wounds to his head, neck and hands. the officer then turned around and gave the suspect and shots were fired. >> reporter: is suspect died on the scene. also injured, the grandfather of the dead suspect. he was attacked by his grandson early in the morning prompting the 911 call and response. what follows next serves as a reminder of how dangerous and unpredictable police work can be. >> this is traumatic for officers. the last thing we want to do is take a life. it's upsetting for the officers here. >> reporter: the chief says the injured officer ha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2